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Smart Carrot is an imprints of S.R. Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

S.R HEALTH SCIENCES has made an indelible mark in publishing and distribution. It has always been our utmost endeavor to look out for the best collection of books for the students in medical and the society in particular. We are always at the back and call of our clients in need and assure of our better services. Our motto is to disseminate all possible valuable information to entrepreneurs, researchers, doctors, academicians and teachers for helping them enriching their knowledge and keeping them abreast with the latest information. We have well established market in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle east, Africa and Pakistan.

Smart Carrot (an imprints of S.R. Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.) is pleased to present our exciting range of titles which caters to toddlers, young children. Our vast range includes books on English Language, Nepali, French, Kinyarwanda, Hindi, Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, Art, General knowledge, Environmental and Computer science, and more. To make learning both enjoyable and effective, most titles include hands-on interactive study sessions and activities. The books focus specifically on the environment and value education bring awareness and gently emphasize the need for harmonious co-existence in society. The quality of books produced is of paramount importance, Our forte has been the simple style of writing and exceptional artwork.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our books and other products. If you have a book-idea in which you think we may be interested, please get in touch with us. Send us an outline of proposed project along with a copy of your curriculum vitae.

Our effort is directed towards presenting educational materials across the curriculum-to publish the best of books for both the learners and the learned. We are sure you will find many titles of interest in our catalogue.
We look forward to an exciting year. Team Smart Carrot stands committed to its readers in giving them the best and the present catalogue will stand testimony to the same.

Rahul Jain

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-this is the goal of true education. ”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.